Day 20: Crane

This feels like a bit of a cheat since it is so simple, but I did fold it entirely from memory! I'm super busy this week so I need to find small creative things I can cram in around the edges of my free time.

Day 18: Starting Over

Busy day so not much progress but I did rip out my previous attempt and start over on this project. This style of crochet-in-the-round is so much easier for me. It was strangely therapeutic to unravel all that yarn.

Day 17: Poem

I have been watching Seanan McGuire's poetry project all month and love how so many of her poems are about monsters or fairy tales. I finally got inspired to write my own.

Day 16: Oops

The pattern I'm following uses a different style of crochet in the round from the octopus I just made. Turns out I still don't quite have it figured out yet. It's hard to see from the photo but there's a weird bulge along the bottom. I think I will rip this out and start over... Continue Reading →

Day 11: Octo-buddy!

He's finished!! If nothing else comes from this project, I'm just ecstatic that it has driven me to complete this octopus. I love him so much!

Day 10: Octo-body

Octo-buddy's head is done and stuffed, and I started sewing on the tentacles. One more solid effort on this guy and he should be finished!

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