Day 1: A New Blog

I’ve been lamenting my lack of creative output lately. Over the years I’ve dabbled in lots of hobbies that I couldn’t quite stick with, from digital art to learning the ukulele.  This blog represents a challenge to myself to be creative again:

Do one creative thing a day, and stay positive.

I might use this to dust off old hobbies like writing poetry, or take up something new like knitting. I might take on big projects that take days or weeks to finish, or just try something different each and every day. Right now this blog is just an idea and a genuine desire to make things again.

The only rules I’m setting for myself are to do one creative thing every day, and to keep my comments positive. Like many folks, I’m usually my own harshest critic. Especially when I’m trying something new or that I haven’t done in a long time. My goal here is to celebrate all of my successes and my failures, and to share what I’m working on even when it doesn’t go as well as planned. The point isn’t to make something perfect. The point is to keep making things.

Welcome to Daily Creative Thing. Today’s creation is this blog. Tomorrow’s possibilities are endless.


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