Day 47: More details

I made a few of the various lights and boxes that will need to be sewn on. Hopefully I can get everything to fit properly since I resized the hat a little bit.

Day 46: Detail work

Made a little progress on the details of my R2D2 beanie. I didn't do a whole lot today because I'm trying to avoid burning out on crochet before I finish this hat. It must be working because I'm excited to get back to it tomorrow.

Day 45: A poem

Surprise! Today we take a break from our regularly scheduled crocheting to bring you some poetry. I support the awesome Seanan McGuire on Patreon and she's started a monthly poetry tutorial. This is my attempt to apply this month's lesson. The ice bleeds clear The whole dissolves into the sea Sun's kisses sear The ice... Continue Reading →

Day 43: Another Beanie

I figured I'd also make the R2D2 beanie while I was already thinking about droid-shaped hats. I'm trying to resize this one a little compared to BB8 but I'm not sure I know what I'm doing. We'll find out soon!

Day 42: BB8 Beanie!

I'm so ridiculously proud of this thing even if the fit is a little big for me. Not only does it look awesome but I made it from start to finish in only 3 days!

Day 41: Beanie

A new day a new project. Well this is a bit of a cheat...I started it yesterday once I finished the octopus because I was so excited about the pattern. Next I'll start working on the lenses so it looks like a proper BB8. From this pattern.

Day 40: Octopus Finished!

It took a little under a month to make this cutie from start to finish. It's my favorite thing I've created for this blog project so far! This is definitely the most complicated crochet project I've ever done. I doubt I would have even attempted it before. When I look at it next to the... Continue Reading →

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