Day 130: A Poem

This week's prompt from my writing group was "Oh don't worry about them, they'll never tell." I combined this with another of Seanan McGuire's poetry tutorials to get this very weird poem about a parasite. Toxoplasma when you yearn to break the spell - the doom etched into each cell of your body, you expel... Continue Reading →

Day 128: Shawl Progress

Not a lot of time for creative things today, so I just got a little bit of progress in on this project. One nice thing about this one compared to the banner is that there's way less counting of stitches, so I can at least relax and watch TV while I work.

Day 127: A New Project!

I started on a new project tonight, which is always fun! This will be a shawl. I picked up the pattern along with my yarn from the Knitpicks sale and I'm excited to try it out. It's hard to see the true color of the yarn in the photo but it is a much deeper... Continue Reading →

Day 125: Gloves Done!

I finished up the second glove today! Even though I used the same measurements from the first one, this one worked up a little bit more snug. Overall I'm pleased with how they came out, especially since this is my first time with a pattern that is custom fit!

Day 124: Glove Two Started

I actually started this a bit yesterday so it's pretty far along already. It is easier this time since I know how many rows I used to match my measurements for the first one. I'm annoyed that the spot I started in the yarn means there's not much color variation yet. It will look better... Continue Reading →

Day 123: A Poem

My friends decided to come up with a writing prompt and give ourselves a week to put some words down and report back. The prompt was "a pixie finds itself lost in a modern-day city." I decided to write a poem. Firefly She danced with her sisters out under the stars spin once spin twice... Continue Reading →

Day 122: One Glove Done!

This pattern went surprisingly fast! I've got one glove done now and I'll probably start the second one on Friday when I am home from holiday get-togethers. It's very comfy! These gloves are a free pattern from Knitting and so on.

Day 121: Gloves Progress

Made some solid progress on the first of these fingerless gloves. Now you can really see all the pretty shades in this yarn. It's working up reasonably fast so hopefully I can get both made before I get distracted by anything else!

Day 120: A New Project

I did exactly what I was afraid of - I started something new before I finished the Greyjoy banner. I couldn't help myself, this new yarn is way to pretty to leave sitting in the closet unused.

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