Day 123: A Poem

My friends decided to come up with a writing prompt and give ourselves a week to put some words down and report back. The prompt was “a pixie finds itself lost in a modern-day city.” I decided to write a poem.


She danced with her sisters out under the stars
spin once
spin twice
they laughed in the meadow
her sisters and she, ‘neath the stars

Along comes a mortal, her arms full of jars
scream once
scream twice
then run for the portals
the mortal stuffs pixies in jars

The mortal, she sells them, to tourists in cars
heave once
heave twice
this feeling is awful
did you know fae get sick in cars?

Her new city keeper he drags her to bars
sip once
sip twice
cheap beer from a thimble
she drowns all her feelings at bars

Her sisters, they find her, call “give back what’s ours”
chant once
chant twice
their magic arises
“you’ll all pay for stealing what’s ours”

Now city lights wink out like flickering stars
flash once
flash twice
turn concrete to meadow
leave no trace but laughter and stars



3 thoughts on “Day 123: A Poem

  1. That was really good! I loved the repeat of once and twice, but mixed up still, made it “ring” really well 🙂


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