Day 118: Finishing Some Tentacles

I haven't finished the whole project yet, but I'm getting close! I did finish off all but 2 of the kraken's tentacles today. If I keep up this pace I should be done by the end of the week. That's a very good thing because my KnitPicks order just got here and I am dying... Continue Reading →

Day 116: More Banner Progress

I finished off one skein of black yarn tonight, and that felt like a milestone. This project has been a lot of work but I'm heading into the home stretch now. I looked through all my in-progress photos for this banner tonight and it was really neat to see how far I've come.

Day 114: More Tentacles

This thing is getting big! It's getting harder to work with, mostly because my cat really wants to curl up on it all the time when it's on my lap. It's been a while since I posted this, so for reference, the free pattern is available from Olive + Brook.

Day 111: A Snowflake Square

My friend Alunaria told me about a cool opportunity. Blizzard Games decorate their orc statue every winter, and this year they've put out a call for the community to help out! Since I love World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games, I figured it was a perfect project for me. I found this snowflake pattern... Continue Reading →

Day 109: A row of tentacles

I missed a day yesterday! I think I'm getting a little bored of this project so I'm not excited to put time in on it every day. But I will keep pushing forward because I am still really looking forward to hanging this on my wall!

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