Day 160: Blanket Progress

Oh no! I didn't do any creative things yesterday. I made up for it today with some solid progress on my red blanket. Here's hoping for a new year full of wonderful new creative things!

Day 158: A Porg!

I finished my porg today! Isn't it the most horrible, adorable thing you've ever seen? I love it! The pattern was purchased from MsPremiseConclusion on Etsy.

Day 157: Porg Feet

I finished the porg's feet, so all the individual porg bits are done. I pinned the face and sewed on the upper lip and chin. Sewing is one of the least fun parts of amigurumi but with a little determination I'll be finished this guy tomorrow. The cats sure think porgs might make a delicious... Continue Reading →

Day 156: Porg Parts

I finished the body the other day. Now it's stuffed and I have made all the small parts except the feet. Hopefully I can finish those tomorrow and then it's just a matter of sewing everything together to finish my porg.

Day 154: Soup

So much soup! I really wanted to have some soup around for superxmas so I had to make it today if I wanted homemade. I won't be home all day tomorrow. For the uninitiated, superxmas is that wonderful day after xmas where you can stay in your pajamas all day and you don't have to... Continue Reading →

Day 151: A Poem

I missed last week's writing prompt and felt bad about it. I wanted to be sure I didn't skip another one. This week's theme is: "The year is 2050. Disney owns everything in the world, including you." That's a hard thing to write a poem about, but luckily once I got the first image in... Continue Reading →

Day 150: Porg Progress

Ever wonder what the inside of a porg looks like? Actually I guess that is technically the outside, or will be once I get a few more rows done and turn the whole thing inside out to start stuffing.

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