Day 151: A Poem

I missed last week’s writing prompt and felt bad about it. I wanted to be sure I didn’t skip another one. This week’s theme is: “The year is 2050. Disney owns everything in the world, including you.” That’s a hard thing to write a poem about, but luckily once I got the first image in my head the rest sort of followed along from there.


A storm broke off my laser sword,
it left me in a bind
it floated down to main street
for just anyone to find

But the flooding keeps the crowds down
noisy tourists are all gone
of course that means there’s none to fix
distressed automatons

No cast members to banter with
it sometimes makes me cry
why did our corporate masters
insist on cutting-edge AI?

at least I’m outside in the queue,
not trapped somewhere inside
watching spaceships rust in darkness
while there’s no one there to ride

We’ve got no way of knowing
if the people will come back
the waiting gave my counterpart
an anxiety attack

our batteries could last for years
but our minds don’t have that time
not when you’re forced to watch yourself
become encased in grime

the kingdom is in ruins
and that’s not hyperbole
so when I wish upon a star
I’ll be wishing we were free


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