Day 154: Soup

So much soup! I really wanted to have some soup around for superxmas so I had to make it today if I wanted homemade. I won’t be home all day tomorrow.

For the uninitiated, superxmas is that wonderful day after xmas where you can stay in your pajamas all day and you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. The magical time when all the stress of the holiday is over and you can just unwind. When we first got married the spouse and I used to try to cram in our presents on xmas morning before running off to do family stuff all day. It made our gift-giving feel rushed and awkward and it made me resent spending time with the rest of the family a bit. Now we save all of our presents to each other for superxmas and we can take our time and enjoy watching the cats play in the wrapping paper all morning. And this year we’ll have homemade chicken soup for lunch too!


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