Day 190: Blog Thoughts

It’s been about half a year now since I started my Daily Creative Thing project. I wanted to take a minute to reflect on it here, because it has been such a pleasure and a surprise. For years I was constantly creative in some way or other. I played an instrument. I wrote poetry and... Continue Reading →

Day 185: A Poem

This week's writing prompt was "my happy place." For me the first thing that came to mind was my honeymoon. Here's my poem about it.My Happy Place cool evening breezes tiny lizard feet paper umbrellas orchid-scented everything turtle breakfast companions teeming technicolor reefs so many waterfalls and a bird's-eye-view just this side of nauseous That... Continue Reading →

Day 180: A Poem

I'm a bit late getting to my writing group's prompt for this week but better late than never! This week's topic was "finding forgotten joy." The Plural of Starfish is Starfish I carved it away that other me I remember the agony and the bleeding raw edges but I am a starfish and I am... Continue Reading →

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