Day 211: Scarf Progress

This looks like a beautiful mess right now because it's hard to make out the stitches in the photo. It is coming along nicely though! The pretty yarn I'm using is Loops & Threads Charisma from Michaels in the Mulberry Bush colorway.

Day 210: Scarf Start

I'm starting something new! Well, I'm re-making something I've already made once. This hooded scarf is amazing, but since I used a different weight yarn and hook size from the instructions it turned out a little too snug. I'm making a new one and more closely sticking to the pattern. If it goes anything like... Continue Reading →

Day 209: Granny Square

There was only a tiny bit of yarn left after finishing my hat, so I used it up making a granny square. I like to use them in place of coasters, or to keep my phone from banging on my glass desk. This was a nice little break while I figure out what to work... Continue Reading →

Day 208: Hat Finished

Sometimes you just have to see the finished project to figure out if it is going to work or not. I really thought this hat was going to be a mess, because it is a bit more flat at the top than I am used to. Fortunately, once I put it on I could see... Continue Reading →

Day 207: Hat Progress

I still don't know how to feel about this hat. It looks pretty nice sitting upside down on my table though. I suppose I could starch it and turn it into a bowl if I don't like it as a hat!

Day 204: Hat Progress

This hat has become a sort of sampler, where I have tried out a bunch of different stitches. I still think it looks pretty strange but I am getting close to being finished with it. Even if it doesn't come out that great it has been a cool experiment in making up a pattern as... Continue Reading →

Day 203: Hat Progress

Whoops! I've only been back a day and still haven't gotten back into the routine of posting here again. At least I did my creative thing for the day. Making progress on this hat even if it is coming out very weird.

Day 201: A New Hat

I started on a new hat today. It is posing in front of the awesome project bag I got for xmas because I'm about to pack it up to take with me on my work trip this week. I will probably not be posting to the blog every day while I'm gone, but I plan... Continue Reading →

Day 200: A Scarf!

It is definitely finished now! I do like how the fringe turned out, even if fringe really isn't my thing. I know the person I'm giving this scarf to will like it, and I got to learn something new.

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