Day 198: Scarf Finished? Or maybe not…

I'm done crocheting the scarf! Now I can decide if I want to add the fringe or not. If I am keeping it, I probably don't want the fringe. But if I'm giving it to someone I should probably add it. Plus it means I get to learn how to do a new thing!

Day 197: Scarf Progress

So close to the end! I've started on the decreases for the last few rows. The pattern calls for adding tassels/fringe to the tapered edges but I'm not sure I want to. I kinda like the clean look it has now. What do you think?

Day 192: A Poem

This week's prompt was "And then there were none" so of course I had to write a poem about the passenger pigeon. Wouldn't you? And Then There Were None you eclipsed the sun an interminable stream of iridescent feathers your infinity made you finite a few hundred years of subtraction adds up the forest bleeds... Continue Reading →

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