Day 272: Blue Fish

Well technically a turquoise fish if you believe the yarn label. It's sitting on top of the un-blocked pile of completed fish. I keep breaking this big project down into sections so I can feel like I'm making some headway. It has a total of 11 rows with 5 fish each. I've completed and joined... Continue Reading →

Day 271: Joining fish

I know I'm still a long way from being finished making fish, but I still wanted to start making some progress on joining them together. I'm glad I did this today, because now I know what stitch I want to use and how long it takes to join one row. This is the first project... Continue Reading →

Day 269: Knitting practice

I thought that maybe the positive, confident mood I was in after yesterday's amigurumi success might help me get over whatever mental blocks I still have about knitting. So far it looks like I was right. I looked up some new videos and tutorials and gave knitting another try today, and it went much more... Continue Reading →

Day 268: Mae Borowski

So there is this game called Night in the Woods and it has become one of my favorite things. The main character is Mae Borowski, and I love her more than I can explain. After I finished the game I decided I needed a Mae of my very own, so I stitched her up. I'm... Continue Reading →

Day 267: Feet!

I got hit by a kind of compulsion to start making this amigurumi and I decided to just go with it. I suppose it is a sign that I need to remember to take lots of breaks from the fish blanket so I don't burn out.

Day 264: More Blocking

Unfortunately it looks like all of my turquoise fish are way too big compared to the others. I don't really want to have to re-make those but I suspect I will need to. At least once this batch dries I will have enough fish of the right colors to start joining a couple rows together... Continue Reading →

Day 262: Blocking Fish

I had to experiment a little bit with tension and hook size since I'm using so many different yarns for this project. I decided to block some of the ones I have finished so I know if I need to change things moving forward. So far it looks like there may be one or two... Continue Reading →

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