Day 303: Shawl progress

Got a little bit more of this shawl done tonight. It's working up very quickly other than the beads. You care barely even see them in this photo but they look nice and sparkly in person!

Day 302: Shawl progress

I know it looks like a random mess of yarn, but there really are about 5 rows of shawl in there. The beads are very pretty but they do add a lot of time. Hopefully that will go faster as I get the hang of it.

Day 301: A new shawl

It is just too hot and humid to want to do much with my fish blanket. Instead I decided to start on a new project! Another light, airy shawl that I don't mind working on in this weather. I've been eyeing this pattern since I picked up this yarn a few months back. I like... Continue Reading →

Day 300: Shawl finished

Today I finished the edging, weaved in all the ends, and steam blocked this shawl. I'm still not thrilled with the colors, but I definitely like the pattern. Most likely the person who gave me this awful yarn (hi Mom!) is going to get this finished shawl.

Day 299: Blanket progress

We got a window AC and got it installed in my office! It made it cool enough to actually get back to work on my fish blanket. I got some joining done, plus I did a bunch of weaving in of ends. Not the most glamorous work but it will save me some pain later.

Day 298: Shawl progress

I can't decide if the colors are getting better or worse. I really like the reds and oranges together. It is just the blue right next to it that hurts my eyes.

Day 297: Shawl progress

I'm mostly done with this shawl now. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to my fish blanket soon. We broke down and bought a window AC to tide us over until we can get a new heat pump installed, so I won't melt while working on it.

Day 296: Shawl progress

I got a little bit done today in the car on the way to see Solo. I am trying to make this work with a completely different yarn brand and colorway. So far I think it looks ok. It's a bit hard for me to judge because the original color scheme is not really my... Continue Reading →

Day 295: Shawl progress

I played yarn chicken and lost. By a lot. None of the stores near me even carry this brand of yarn, so I'm going to have to get creative to finish this shawl.

Day 293: A new shawl

I had a bad surprise today - our heat pump died. That means no air conditioning for the foreseeable future, which means I do not want to work with a heavy blanket on my lap. Instead I grabbed one of the Caron Cupcakes my mom gave me and started on this shawl. Hopefully my AC... Continue Reading →

Day 292: Vertical joins!

I finished joining all the rows of fish. That means it is time to start vertically joining the columns together. I only got about half of one vertical join done today. That's because I decided to be smart and spend some time weaving in a few of the loose ends. It's no fun but it's... Continue Reading →

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