Day 333: Shawl progress

It's been over a week since I worked on my beaded shawl. I never seem to have the patience to deal with the tiny beads on weeknights. I made a lot of progress on it today though. This photo shows that I've officially passed the halfway point of the border! Most likely it will take... Continue Reading →

Day 332: Hoodie seaming

I started seaming the back and arms of my hoodie. I've never done much sewing, so this was the first time I learned mattress stitch. I used this tutorial at Moogly. It's so simple and it looks so good! I wish I had learned this stitch much sooner!

Day 331: Hoodie progress

It's just about ready to sew up! I Think I might add just one more row to the top of the sleeves so it will fit more comfortably over winter clothes. I realized I had been trying it on every time wearing a t-shirt so I wasn't getting a realistic fit. It is looking great... Continue Reading →

Day 330: Hoodie progress

I have added 5 extra rows to one side and 4 to the other. Once they're both even again I'll be pinning them together to see if everything fits! I'm so excited to be making something I can actually wear around the house in the winter.

Day 328: Hoodie progress

If it looks like today's photo is just a mirror of yesterday's, that's a good thing! I'm making both halves of this sweater at the same time to make sure the colors and sizes match. It makes the process a little boring, but it is much better than that feeling of starting over in the... Continue Reading →

Day 327: Hoodie progress

My slippers were much appreciated, and I appreciated that everyone is home and on the mend. Today I finally had a quieter day where I could get back to my main project. It was so nice to be relaxed on the sofa working on this again.

Day 326: No-slip slippers

Since these are going to someone just home from the hospital, I wanted to make sure they would be stable on slippery floors. I added some bits of silicone caulk to the bottoms so they get good traction even in the kitchen.

Day 325: Slippers

When a loved one is in the hospital, what better get well gift is there than a pair of handmade fuzzy slippers? I finished one this morning and plan to finish the other at the hospital. It will give me something to do while waiting, and I know they will be appreciated.

Day 324: Hoodie progress

You can see that I've been working on both halves at the same time so I can try to keep the color changes the same on both. I had yet another emergency yesterday so progress is going to be slow for a while again. I am still going to keep trying to update daily this... Continue Reading →

Day 323: Hoodie Progress

I didn't do much on it today, but at least I get to show off how much work I've already done! This is my first time making something fitted, so I've been obsessing about pinning it and checking the size all the time. The sleeve is already the right size so now I'm adding more... Continue Reading →

Day 322: Another new project

This is something that I started over my blog break last week. I only worked on it a little bit today, but I'm excited to show it off to you. It is only humble granny stitch, but hopefully the finished item will be something I can use all winter!

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