Day 364: Dishcloth cast on

I think I might be officially hooked on knitting. As soon as I finished my first project yesterday I started browsing for patterns I wanted to try next. I picked this one because I wanted to learn to work with multiple colors but I'm not quite ready to try double knitting yet. This pattern is... Continue Reading →

Day 363: Finished dishcloth/mug rug

I finished this up today! There was a bit more yarn leftover than I thought so I used it to make a quick crocheted border. It's nice because it helps hide some of the weird edges from my early mistakes. Just looking at this thing makes me so happy. I've officially gotten over my knit-phobia.... Continue Reading →

Day 362: Knitting practice

I am getting close to the end of this little ball of yarn now. I don't think there will be enough to make a proper square dishcloth but that's okay. Instead of using it as a dishcloth I think I will keep it on my desk. I can use it as a mug rug (mini-placemat)... Continue Reading →

Day 361: Cardigan progress

Being able to crochet without pain again is so amazing! I'm so happy to be making progress on this project. I hit the point today where I'd call the length "adequate" but I'm going to add a few more rows to make it extra cozy.

Day 360: Stash yarn calling me

I spent a little more time today on knitting practice, but I have other things on my mind. A few weeks back I went to the thrift store nearby that benefits our local humane society. While browsing I found this yummy looking yarn. It's a gorgeous worsted weight merino-silk blend from Mountain Colors. I knew... Continue Reading →

Day 359: Cardigan progress!

I spent some time working on my cardigan tonight instead of knitting. My elbow is feeling much better but I am still timing myself and making sure I'm not over-doing it. It feels good to at least finish a row. Hopefully I'll be able to make regular progress again now.

Day 358: Knitting practice

More practice today, and it keeps getting better. One thing I have realized is that I can't estimate how long my yarn will last. With crochet I have a good sense of how much farther I can go before I run out, but I just don't have enough experience with knitting to know. I'm hoping... Continue Reading →

Day 357: Knitting practice

I can tell I'm getting more comfortable with knitting because I can split my attention and watch tv. Unfortunately I still don't have everything completely internalized, so I have been making a few more mistakes. I'm not worrying about them though because I feel myself getting better.

Day 356: Knitting and crochet

I spent a few minutes working on my cardigan, and then switched over to knitting again. Now that I'm getting used to it I can understand how knitting can be so addicting. I keep wanting to do just one more row!

Day 355: Knitting practice

I'm a few rows further along on my knitting practice. I think I might just go until I run out of yarn. Knit stitch is getting easier now. I have been able to watch TV a few times and still keep working without too many mistakes. I'm eager to get back to my crochet, but... Continue Reading →

Day 354: Starting a Jaeger

I'm starting on another plastic model kit, and got a torso done. This will eventually be a Jaeger from Pacific Rim: Uprising. If you've never seen the Pacific Rim Movies, a Jaeger is a giant robot piloted by 2 or 3 people inside that fights giant monsters. Also you should go watch Pacific Rim, it... Continue Reading →

Day 353: Knitting practice

Another day of knitting practice. Once I get started I can feel myself getting faster, but I still need to watch a video of the stitches before I start to make sure I'm doing it right. I think I am getting comfortable enough with the knit stitch that I might try going downstairs to watch... Continue Reading →

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