A year of Daily Creative Things

I started this blog one year ago today! Although I haven’t hit 365 posts due to some travel and emergencies, I have still worked on at least one creative thing every day for a year. It’s been so wonderful to learn so many new things, and to practice old skills too.

These photos are just some of my favorite finished objects so far. Looking ahead, I have lots of ideas for new projects, and maybe some new directions for this blog. For today though, I want to take the time to enjoy what I’ve built, and feel proud of how much I’ve accomplished in a year!


3 thoughts on “A year of Daily Creative Things

  1. N’awww nice, that Octopus brings back memories 😀 But, that kitty though. So cute. I could easily see it in the hands of our son, worn completely down, because it has to be brought to everywhere he goes!

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