Day 349: Captain Phasma, and some big goals

I finished building Captain Phasma and I think she looks amazing. The chrome is so shiny I had trouble taking a good picture without getting tons of weird reflections. It looks fantastic in person, though. Sure it is built from a kit, but I consider it the same as making a scarf from a crochet kit. They provide the materials and instructions, and I provide the time and skill to turn it into a finished object. I had a lot of fun and I have two more model kits to try when I’m ready for more.

Continuing on my theme of planning year 2 of the blog, I also wanted to talk about some of my goals for the year. I will have smaller, bite-sized goals each month starting August 1, but I also have some big goals I want to tackle that could take the course of the whole year or even longer. I hope by laying them out here I can keep them in mind while I’m planning my monthly goals.

Big Goals:

  1. Knit a pair of socks. This one I’m not sure is feasible in one year for me, but I want to try. I was inspired by fellow blogger Stargrace at Nomadic Gamers, eh! She’s completely self-taught too and now she makes the most beautiful things! Me? I can barely knit two rows before I make a ton of mistakes and give up. But over the course of the year I want to get far enough where I can at least knit the basic stitches without too much trouble, and read simple patterns.
  2. Finish all my current WIPs (Works in Progress). I’ve whittled down my pile of WIPs since I finished my beaded shawl, but I still have a few. I want to make sure they all get some love and clear out some storage space for new things. In the long term I would ideally like no more than 1 or 2 active projects for each type of “creative thing” at a time.
  3. Use up some stash yarn.  I haven’t been crocheting very long, but I have managed to build up a modest stash. I don’t want to stop buying new yarn completely, but I do want to try to at least use up more than I buy over the course of this year. I have a few sets of plastic bins with drawers full of yarn, and hopefully I can get my stash manageable enough to stop them from overflowing.
  4. Make at least 3 handmade gifts. I have one or two things in mind already, but I want to be sure I have time to get them done before the holidays, birthdays, etc. because I don’t want to have to rush. If I plan for them ahead of time and choose specific patterns for people I think it makes the gifts more meaningful too. Last year I ended up just making a bunch of hats and scarves and then figuring out who to gift got what after the fact.
  5. Improve my digital art skills. This is honestly what I thought I would end up doing when I started the blog. I really surprised myself by getting deeply hooked by crochet instead. (sorry for the crochet pun) I’m not sure how to measure improvement in something so subjective, but I’m hoping if I prioritize this more then at least I will get more practice.

What are some of your big creative goals this year?

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