Day 360: Stash yarn calling me

I spent a little more time today on knitting practice, but I have other things on my mind. A few weeks back I went to the thrift store nearby that benefits our local humane society. While browsing I found this yummy looking yarn. It’s a gorgeous worsted weight merino-silk blend from Mountain Colors. I knew it was something special when I spotted it, and I snatched up everything they had for about the price of one skein. It is officially the most luxurious thing in my modest stash.

This yarn keeps calling to me and I really want to do something special with it, I just can’t decide what. Do I crochet something? Do I wait until I’m a bit better at knitting and knit with it? The ~950 yards I have is not enough for most sweater patterns, but the worsted weight seems a bit much for a shawl. So far the best thing I could come up with is to make a matching set of hat, cowl/scarf, and gloves. I’ve been prowling around Ravelry but haven’t really found the pattern that speaks to me yet.

So I’m asking you folks for suggestions! What would you make with it? Do you have a favorite pattern that would be perfect? Help me figure out what this yarn wants to become!

2 thoughts on “Day 360: Stash yarn calling me

  1. Oh wow, what a find! I can definitely understand why you’d want to get to using that ASAP, it looks gorgeous. 🙂
    I’ve found a couple crocheted short-sleeved tops on Ravelry recently that looked nice and might be close to the 900 yards. I think a lot of people prefer short-sleeved tops to be made of cotton rather than wool, but here’s one of the patterns I found, in case you’re interested. 🙂

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    1. Oooh I hadn’t seen that pattern. I’m not sure about wool on a short-sleeved top but I’m saving this one either way because it is super cute. Thank you!

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