Hat false start

I wanted to cast on a new knitting project since per my goals I’m supposed to be trying to do more than one kind of creative thing every week. Unfortunately I had to frog this and will start it over again another night. I learned the long tail cast on (it’s fun!), joining in the round, and magic loop. I think that was just too many new things at once. I finished my first row of ribbing and discovered I had an extra stitch. Plus I was unsure where I was in the k1 p1 pattern and don’t know enough yet to recognize it by staring at it. So I’m calling this a good learning experience and will try again soon.

As a side note, you can see I used my shiny new interchangeables. They are so glorious to work with compared to the cheap bamboo straights I had been using. I should have learned my lesson about cheap tools from my pile of old unloved crochet hooks. I’m so happy to have a nice set of needles now!


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