Gift border progress

It was yet another weekend where I had the best intentions and plans to make tons of progress, but in reality I got very little done. I got this second row of edging done along one side of this gift. I was hoping I could be done today but there were too many other things... Continue Reading →

Gift border time

I finished the body of this piece and started on the border tonight! I am starting with the border in the pattern, but I'm thinking I might want to do something a little bit more interesting in the last row.

Gift progress (16)

I'm posting this right at midnight tonight because I got carried away and did quite a lot of work without stopping. I'm only about two rows away from being done with the main piece. After that I just need to decide on a border for it. The best part is that my math was definitely... Continue Reading →

Gift progress (15)

I'm inching ever closer to the finish line. You can see that I've done another join, and it should in fact be my last one. If I did my math right. You'd think with a math degree I'd be more confident about it, but no. I will believe it when I'm done and I don't... Continue Reading →

Double knit progress (4)

I got another row of double knitting done today. It's weird how long it takes me to do even one row on this project. I'm just too slow and unsure of myself learning this new technique, plus I have to keep checking the chart. Maybe I should have done a couple more easier projects before... Continue Reading →

Gift progress (14)

I can't believe I've put in two weeks worth of work on this piece. I still have so far left to go! I'm trying to figure out how to keep taking photos of it that don't show off what exactly it is, but also aren't just the same night after night. Normally I would use... Continue Reading →

Gift progress (13)

Another day with very little progress. I think I might need to start something else for a bit and then come back to this project. I am enjoying it but on busy days I could use something more mindless that doesn't require double checking a chart all the time.

Gift progress (12)

No progress picture today because I made less than a row of progress. Instead you can enjoy this photo of the tiny snake plant I got this weekend. Plants make me happy even though I'm usually pretty bad at taking care of them. This bitty baby is only a few inches high and I thought... Continue Reading →

Gift progress (11)

Today was a beautiful day. I spent part of the afternoon with the windows open for the first time in ages, crocheting and enjoying the fresh breeze. Fall is my favorite time of year and I intend to enjoy every second of it!

Gift progress (10)

I wove in some ends and got about one more row done today. I usually like to weave in my ends as I go but I had been waiting a bit since my disaster where I had to undo so much work. The thing that took the most time (aside from having to re-stitch everything)... Continue Reading →

Gift progress (9)

Tonight I crocheted until I finished off another pair of skeins. Now I'm more than halfway through my yarn, and I think I'm still on track. We'll see soon as I start getting into the home stretch here. This is a really nerve-wracking game of yarn chicken.

Gift progress (8)

I keep taking these rather messy photos because I want to show off the volume of this piece without giving away exactly what it is. It is coming along beautifully and I'm starting to get more optimistic that I will actually have enough yarn to finish. Let's hope I didn't just jinx myself by saying... Continue Reading →

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