Gift progress (12)

No progress picture today because I made less than a row of progress. Instead you can enjoy this photo of the tiny snake plant I got this weekend. Plants make me happy even though I’m usually pretty bad at taking care of them. This bitty baby is only a few inches high and I thought it was adorable. I used to have a huge snake plant that started as a cutting a friend gave me back in college. I had to give it away because one of my old cats liked to try to chew on it and snake plants aren’t great for pets. My new one is tiny enough that I can keep it safely up out of cat reach, and since it needs low light it can stay in my office during the day where the cats can’t get it.

2 thoughts on “Gift progress (12)

  1. I have plants everywhere! They just look so nice, with all the green, and does not “crowd” the place up like small decorative stuff does.

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    1. I used to have tons of plants but had a purge when I got my first cats. It was impossible to keep them from chewing on everything. I’m hoping I can find a few more spots around the house that will be cat-safe.

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