Double knit progress (9)

Made a few rows' worth of progress on this tonight. Working with this acrylic yarn and the tightness of the double knit hurts my fingers a bit, but I'm soldiering on. Almost halfway through now!

Scarf progress (3)

Worked on this scarf a little bit more tonight. The fancy cables look a lot less fancy from the back side. I have this chronic problem where I get far enough into a project that it no longer feels like I'm learning something new, and then I suddenly want to stop and make something else.... Continue Reading →

Scarf progress

It looks a lot less fancy up close where you can see how uneven my tension is. It's still one of the prettiest things I've made so far. I'm back to making tiny incremental progress since I don't have as much uninterrupted knitting time, but I'd rather be able to knit with a cat on... Continue Reading →

Hat finished!

I worked on this a bunch yesterday while recovering from my Thanksgiving travels. Now it's done! The fit is a little bit tight but not horribly so. I was happy to find that the decrease section was very quick and easy. Double pointed needles scare me so I just used the magic loop method all... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving scarf progress

I am back from my holiday travels. Between all the time in the car and some quiet time with family I got a lot of work done on this scarf. Now I've had lots of practice with cables and I think I actually enjoy them!

Scarf cast on

We're driving to visit my in-laws for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I thought I had a good car project ready to go with my crochet shawl, but I had to change plans. The spouse is allergic to wool, and to make sure he's not trapped in a car all day with a bunch of allergens, I had... Continue Reading →

Hat decreases started!

Ok ok, I know it's not the most exciting thing, but it is pretty exciting to me. I've only knitted a few items, and none of them had any increases or decreases. Sitting here at my computer with all of YouTube to teach me, I learned what ssk and k2tog mean. I'm slowly getting to... Continue Reading →

Hat progress (8)

Today was the MST3K Turkey-thon, so I spent a bunch of time on the couch knitting and watching terrible movies. It was great, especially since I will be out of town on actual Turkey Day. I don't think I have enough time to finish this hat before I leave, but I sure made a lot... Continue Reading →

Finally some Jaeger progress

I finally made some time to work on this model kit again. It's much nicer to do this on the weekend when I can work during the day. The natural light lets me actually see what I am doing. I probably would have made more progress but I got distracted partway through. I realized there... Continue Reading →

Pizza from scratch

I was exhausted after work today and almost didn't bother making pizza. I'm glad I didn't give up. When life gets you down, make delicious pizza. I've definitely been improving with every attempt, too. Although I didn't exactly get a perfectly round shape this time, it did taste delicious. The crust was crispier and the... Continue Reading →

Hat progress (7)

It's come a long way from my first photo. The height is almost tall enough for a proper hat, it only needs maybe another inch. Then I have to figure out how to decrease, which I have never done before, while also maintaining all these colors. Should be easy, right?

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