November 2018 Goals

I managed to complete a few projects in October even though I lost a bunch of time due to travel. I didn’t meet many of my goals but I still feel like it was a pretty productive month for me.

Completed in October:

Current WIPs:

  • Solaris Shawl – crochet – FROGGED!
  • Giant red blanket – crochet – No progress.
  • Gipsy Avenger – plastic model – No progress.
  • Double knitting practice square – knitting – WIP
  • Fortune’s Shawlette – crochet – WIP

Big Goal Progress:

  1. Knit a pair of socks. I’m getting better and faster at plain old knit and purl. I’m feeling ready to try this soon.
  2. Finish all my current WIPs (as of July 2018). I frogged one of the projects on this list the other night. I might try again sometime but for now I’m glad to not have it hanging over me.
  3. Use up some stash yarn. I used the leftover yarn from my gift shawl to make gloves, I think that counts!
  4. Make at least 3 handmade gifts. Done! The shawl is finished, the gloves will also be a gift, and the horrible scratchy purse will be a gift for my mom.
  5. Improve my digital art skills. No progress.

October Goals in review:

  • Finish my Jaeger. Nope. I have really been slacking on this.
  • Finish the gift I started in September. Done!
  • Create one digital painting. Nope. It’s just not as relaxing as knitting or crochet.
  • Finish my double knit square. Nope. I focused on knitting the scratchy project instead.
  • Start and finish one small project. Double yes! I made fingerless gloves and a purse. Success!

November Goals

  • Finish my Jaeger. I really mean it this time.
  • Finish two projects. Hopefully a few things I can give as xmas gifts.
  • Keep working on my double knit square. I know I’ll be busy making presents this month, but I want to keep practicing on this.
  • Start knitting a sock. I might mess up and/or frog it and start over, but I want to at least try.
  • Mess around with digital art. Maybe setting the goal of a finished painting was too daunting. This month I want to at least say I tried to draw or paint something.

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