Knitting and packing

I'm heading back to my new place tomorrow, so I spent some of my usual knitting time packing up some WIPs and supplies. Expect it to be pretty quiet around here for the next few days as I try to finish settling in.

Snood progress (2)

I made a tiny bit of progress on this tonight. My brain is so exhausted from writing my dissertation that I didn't have the energy to spend a lot of time on other creative things.

Scarf progress (13)

I love this blue and purple color of the yarn I'm using, but I wish the cables showed up better in it. The lighter green parts seem to show off all that hard work the best. The scarf is over 30" long now, so it's officially more than halfway finished! I wish I could knit... Continue Reading →

Scarf progress (12)

I'm back from my big move! I'm actually home for a few days before moving to the apartment for good but all the furniture and most of my clothes and stuff are moved in. I didn't have any time for my daily creative things during the move, unless you count putting together furniture as "creative".... Continue Reading →

Scarf progress (11)

Now that my double knitting is finished, I'm back to work on this scarf. If I focus, I might even get it done while it is still cold enough to use it! Sadly I won't be making much progress for the next few days. I'll be moving into my new apartment, so I won't have... Continue Reading →

Double knit progress (16)

I was hoping I might finish this tonight but I'm too tired. I also realized I have no idea how to bind off double knitting or if it is different from normal bind-offs. That means I'm definitely not quite ready to finish this piece.

Scarf progress (10)

You can see I've added several inches to this scarf since the last time I posted about it, but that wasn't all done tonight. I've been quietly working on it once in a while when I'm watching TV. I think it's maybe halfway done, but I haven't measured it lately. Sorry for the slightly odd... Continue Reading →

Double knit progress (14)

Got a few more rows done tonight. I realized I never mentioned what this pattern actually is. It's the symbol of the Horde, one of the factions from World of Warcraft. With my computer on the fritz and not much free time, this is about as close as I've come to playing video games in... Continue Reading →

Double knit progress (13)

I keep having the urge to start something new but I'm choosing to continue with this project as much as I can. I just think about how great it will feel to finish this. Plus it is fun knowing that the next new project I cast on will probably be in my new apartment!

Double knit progress (12)

Got a little bit more done on this tonight. I think it's about 2/3 of the way finished now. Double knitting with this worsted weight acrylic yarn is a bit rough on my hands so I keep trying to swap it out with other projects. That makes it slow going but I'm just happy to... Continue Reading →

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