Sock progress (26)

I made it to the toe! I worked on it a bit during the debate last night and some more today too. Depending on how my weekend goes I will either be very productive, finish this sock and start the next one, or I will end up playing video games with my friends the whole... Continue Reading →

Sock progress (25)

I'm pretty sure I'm on the last repeat before I start the toe. I just have to keep trying it on in between every row to make sure. I'm totally not obsessed or anything I promise...

Sock progress (24)

Just a quick update tonight since I got home from work a bit late. Hopefully I can get a bit more knitting done while watching the debate later.

Sock progress (23)

I'm so anxious about getting to the toe I keep measuring and trying it on every few rows. I'd probably get done much faster if I would just keep knitting instead!

Sock progress (22)

Over the weekend I inched closer and closer to the toe, and today I added a little more too. I am anxious about figuring out when to stop. I've worked so hard to get this far I am afraid of making the foot too long or too short. While I am getting very confident with... Continue Reading →

Bonus Bee

I haven't been posting much on the weekends due to my travel schedule, but I'm making an exception to share this photo. The spouse and I went to some museums yesterday and on the walk there we ran into these flowers and bumblebees. I was also excited to see some actual honeybees buzzing around as... Continue Reading →

Sock progress (21)

I like showing the back of the fabric every once in a while. I'm always a bit awestruck when it looks relatively even and uniform. I have to remind myself that it's only been about a year since I started teaching myself to knit!

Sock progress (20)

Hey look! It's proof that (1) this is actually a sock, and (2) it actually fits my foot! Considering I'm just following the instructions with no modifications I consider this a minor miracle. If I had it to do over again I'd make the leg just a tiny bit shorter but otherwise it's great!

Sock progress (19)

I've been working on these socks for a month and a half now. I'm getting envious of the folks I see churning out a pair of socks so fast that they count them as "filler" projects. It's not that I mind my slow pace, it's more that I'm afraid I'll get a terrible case of... Continue Reading →

Sock progress (18)

I made some progress on my sock this weekend and a little more tonight. It is starting to look sock-shaped now that the heel is complete and I'm started on the foot.

Sock progress (17)

It doesn't look as photogenic at the moment but at least I'm all finished with the gusset. That means it should be smooth sailing until I get to the toe and have to figure out what the heck kitchener stitch is.

Sock progress (16)

More gusset work today, with only a few rows left until I'm back to the easy stuff. This part is fairly straightforward. The main issue I'm having is keeping track of gusset rows and pattern repeat rows. Fortunately, that's why Amazon sells multi-packs of row counters.

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