Sock progress (12)

I did get some knitting done during the democratic debate last night, and plan to do even more tonight too. I need something nice and calming like knitting to distract me from getting angry about politics.

Sock progress (11)

It's at the point where it's impossible to get a good photo without rearranging everything on the needles. I got a bit done early tonight, and I'm hoping to do some more during the debate too. Now that all the tricky bits are out of the way this sock is zooming along. In other news,... Continue Reading →

Sock progress (10)

I had some health issues over the weekend, but the silver lining was that I had lots of time to knit. I got the heel flap done and today I got started on the gusset. That's all of the hard parts done!

Second sock progress (9)

Today I'm weirdly grateful for all the self-doubt I was feeling yesterday. It ended up motivating me to take some extra "me" time tonight and I got a ton of knitting done! Now I'm already on the heel flap and I feel like I'm making solid progress again.

Second sock progress (8)

I need to stop feeling bad about posting my small incremental progress. Nights like this where I didn't have much knitting time make me self conscious about sharing my work. But I'm still making progress, and I'm proud of how good it looks!

Second sock progress (7)

It is looking very unlikely that I will finish this sock before the end of the month. At this point I am hoping I can at least get through the heel. I thought I would get bored by the time I got into the second sock but I am still really enjoying this pattern. Now... Continue Reading →

Second sock progress (6)

One of these days I'll eventually remember that the weekends are often more busy than week nights. All my plans for getting sock knitting done once again amounted to just a few rows. But the important thing is I still made progress! It has been so hot here the past week that I don't really... Continue Reading →

Second sock progress (5)

Hooray! I managed not to fall down a never-ending rabbit hole of making dishcloths. I'm back to my socks. The needles feel tiny after working with larger ones for a few days, but otherwise I'm back in the rhythm.

Leftover Coaster

I wanted to use the last scraps of leftover yarn to get them out of my stash, so I made this. It's the mini version of the dishcloth. I accidentally made one too many repeats, but it turned out ok anyway. It has character, and it will be a perfectly fine coaster. Now that I... Continue Reading →

Weekend dishcloth finished

I had no idea how much I needed a quick project until this came off my needles. When work gets busy and my schedule is overwhelming it feels so good to knit something mindless that doesn't take forever. With some determination and a nice binge watch of Stranger Things this knit up in a flash.... Continue Reading →

Weekend dishcloth

I didn't work on my socks this weekend at all. Instead I started yet another one of these dishcloths. I really like this pattern, and this size cloth is perfect for using as a hot pad under my dinner plate. I've been using my old ones almost every day and I finally got tired of... Continue Reading →

Happy blogaversary to me!

Holy cow can you believe I've been doing this for two whole years?! Other than a few holidays or work/travel times, I've done something creative every single day. I even kept it up while I was finishing my PhD! Over the last year I've made so many different projects, and went from a complete beginner... Continue Reading →

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