Among the Trees progress (13)

I got a very tiny amount of knitting done tonight. Normally I wouldn't post when I don't get much done, but today is the last day of Blaugust and I've actually managed a post every single day. I didn't want to break my streak. It has been hard to make time to get crafting done... Continue Reading →

Sun Hat progress (4)

I'm still chipping away at this very slowly every night. For whatever reason this one is not as stiff as the first one so it is not quite as photogenic. I may end up having to block it over a bowl to get it to look nice once I'm done.

Sun hat progress (3)

Once again I didn't spend much time crocheting tonight, but I got another row or two done. I will definitely finish by the weekend even at this rate, so I'm happy. I'm enjoying the colors of this hat so much more than the first one too. Making this second hat was the right decision!

Sun hat progress (2)

Made a tiny bit of progress on my hat. I've been very distracted by social and gaming things so far this week so it is a miracle I am getting anything done. Every little bit still counts!

Among the Trees progress (12)

Made a little progress tonight. With the lifeline in there you can really see exactly how much I've added. It is definitely more satisfying to me when I can visualize my progress so clearly. The middle of a big project like this can get tedious when it is hard to see what you've done. Hopefully... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees progress (11)

I chickened out and added a lifeline now that I'm about 10 repeats into the pattern. I feel relatively confident going back to fix simple stockinette stitch but not lace. Now if I mess up or drop a stitch at least I won't lose everything I've done up until now!

Second sun hat started

I decided the green of my first hat was too much for me. I like this color scheme much better, especially the stripes instead of the variegated yarn in the middle.

Among the Trees progress (10)

Every once in a while I like to show off the back of my work. I find it fascinating how different it can be sometimes. In this scarf the nupps really want to hang out on the back right now. I'm hoping once everything is blocked they'll stop hiding back there.

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