Sun Hat started

One of my goals this month is to crochet something. Since I'm going to the beach soon I figured I would try to make myself a cute sun hat. I actually started this over the weekend, but it wasn't much to look at yet. Now it actually looks like it might be a hat. I... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees progress (8)

Driving back to my apartment after spending the weekend at home is the worst. I always end up missing my spouse and my kitties right away. At least my apartment is quiet and there's no cat trying to eat my knitting. I'm just under a quarter of the way through the pattern. My guess is... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees progress (6)

This project is officially addictive. There's enough complexity that I have to keep paying attention, but it's still easy enough that I can work my way through the rows pretty quickly. The thing that slows me down the most at this point is all the time I spend double checking that I have the right... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees progress (5)

Since this is "getting to know you week" for Blaugust, I will tell you that I spent my knitting time tonight watching Harry Potter. I didn't actually like the Harry Potter books or movies at first. I read the first one when I was already out of college and it didn't do anything for me.... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees progress (4)

I got bunches of progress done tonight while watching tv. I also managed to sneak in a little knitting before work this morning. Lace seems more fun to me than cables, at least so far. I never liked messing around with the extra cable needle. The main problem I have with lace is it feels... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees progress (3)

Even though the lace makes things more complicated than I'm used to, the slightly larger needles make this feel like it is growing much more quickly than the socks did. I still make the occasional mistake, but I'm getting better at spotting them and fixing them.

Among the Trees progress (2)

It is very hard to photograph unblocked lace. Good thing the yarn is pretty to look at even if my knitting looks like a mess. I've done enough now that I am starting to be able to "read" the lace and understand what the pattern wants me to do. I want to keep up the... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees progress

I made a bunch of progress. The lace is still very tricky to me but I think I am starting to get the hang of it. I got to figure out how to make nupps. I will definitely be using the crochet hook method, it seems way more sane than trying to knit through 7... Continue Reading →

Lace scarf cast on!

I got a little excited about my beautiful blue yarn from Incyanity, and actually cast on a few days ago even though I was still working on my socks. I settled on a pattern called Among the Trees. Now that the socks are finished I can turn my full attention to this. It is my... Continue Reading →

Finished Socks!

Aren't they beautiful?! This has been a huge goal of mine since I started to teach myself to knit, but I still can't believe how easy these were. Each one took a bit more than one month at my usual knitting pace, which isn't too bad. Now that I have some confidence I hope I... Continue Reading →

Sock progress (19)

I made it to the toe! This last bit should go very fast, and I'm hoping to get everything done by tomorrow. It will probably come down to me trying to figure out kitchener stitch again. I will absolutely have to watch a video about it again so I might leave that bit for its... Continue Reading →

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