September 2019 Goals

I knocked out one of my big goals in August! Time to see what September might bring.

Completed in August:

Current WIPs:

  • Giant red blanket (of doom) – crochet
  • Gipsy Avenger – plastic model
  • Irish Snood – crochet
  • Among the Trees scarf – knit
  • Sun Hat #2 – crochet

Big Goal Progress:

  1. Knit a pair of socks. Done!!!!! I feel so good about this, it really shows how far I’ve come in my knitting!
  2. Finish all my current WIPs (as of July 2018). No new progress
  3. Use up some stash yarn. I’m using some more cotton to make my sun hat.
  4. Make at least 3 handmade gifts. Done!
  5. Improve my digital art skills. No progress

August Goals in review:

  • Finish my pair of socks. YESSSSSS!!! I don’t even like wearing socks but making these has been some of the most exciting progress in my knitting and I will be so proud to finally wear them.
  • Crochet something. Yep! I made cute sun hats.
  • Post every day.

September Goals:

I will be traveling for a big part of this month, so my posting might get a bit sporadic. I still plan on crafting while I’m away though!

  • Start xmas gift projects. The holidays are sneaking up, and if I am going to give any homemade gifts I will need to start them soon.
  • Finish my lace scarf. This might be reasonable if I can get any knitting done on my trip. It’s a goal either way.
  • Take lots of photos. I’m going to be traveling and instead of worrying about trying to knit or crochet every day I want to at least make sure I’m taking lots of pictures while I’m away.

It’s going to be a really fun, busy month for me. Let’s hope I can keep up with my creative things while I’m traveling!


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