Diagon Alley Socks progress (8)

Well I finished the goal I set for myself and got through the gussets. Now it should be relatively smooth knitting to the end. The pattern is mirrored on the left and right sock so it slows me down a little bit but at least there's no more decreases left until I get to the... Continue Reading →

Diagon Alley Socks progress (7)

I'm finally back from my holiday travels, and they were great. Baby Yoda was a huge hit with my mom. She carried him around with her for all of xmas day. Once all the holiday running around was done I got to hang out with my spouse and cats and just relax. That meant plenty... Continue Reading →

The Child finished!

It's an Xmas miracle, I finished him in time! It's probably a good thing I finished with so little time to spare. If I had to look at his adorable little face for too long I would never be able to give him away!

The Child progress (9)

I didn't quite get him finished this weekend, but it's close! He has eyes now, and he's not naked anymore. I couldn't find the right size safety eyes to use for him so I had to crochet some. They're not as shiny but I think it will look fine once the rest of the eyelid... Continue Reading →

The Child progress (7)

Squeeee! He's looking so cute! And with an ear sewn on he definitely looks like Baby Yoda now. All those bits in front of him are his face bits like his nose and eyebrows. I can't sew them on until I get some black yarn to make his eyes. I'm a little sad that he's... Continue Reading →

The Child progress (6)

Hooray, my baby Yoda has arms! He still needs a lot of work to get his face and ears done, but it feels like it is getting closer. At least my spouse can stop saying he looks like a dismembered Kermit the Frog now...

The Child progress (5)

Hey, baby Yoda has two feet now! I talked to my mom the other night and she was complaining that there is a wait until April to get an official plushie of The Child. If I can get this one done in time for xmas I know it will be loved!

The Child progress (4)

Baby Yoda has most of a body now! It has been a little slower going than I would like, but I think I should still be able to get it finished before xmas. Looking at this photo also makes me realize that I should research techniques for decreases that are less visible. It is funny... Continue Reading →

Diagon Alley socks progress (6)

Oh hey remember these? You know, the project I was supposed to be focusing on? I have still been slowly chipping away at them in between everything else, and I finally made it to the heel flap. I'm definitely doing too many things at once, but it is nice to have both crochet and knitting... Continue Reading →

The Child progress (3)

Most of the body is finished now. It is looking like I might have enough stuffing for the body but not the legs and arms. I'm going to keep moving forward and get as much as I can done before I run out.

The Child progress (2)

I made some more progress on this adorable green baby today. As I start on the body I'm beginning to worry that I don't have enough stuffing for him. If I do run out I'll have to wait until I get home in a few weeks to finish him. In the meantime I can make... Continue Reading →

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