Three Xmas Gifts

Today I’m showing off the start of my Harmonize shawl, as well as the rad new project bag that my SIL gave me for xmas. The Incyanity yarn was also an xmas gift, from my spouse. It’s a wool/silk blend that is way too pretty to turn into socks. I don’t think I’ve ever knit silk before. It’s so beautiful and shiny and lovely to work with.

The last xmas gift in the photo is one I gave myself, using a gift card from my cousin. It’s the ChiaoGoo needles. I have been trying out a few different needles since I realized how fast I was destroying the wooden KnitPicks ones I had been using. So far these are my favorite for working with this weight of yarn. They’re pointy enough to be useful for lace but not so sharp that I hurt myself with them.

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