Weekend Catch-up

The good news is that I moved out of my apartment and into a new house near my new job. The bad news is that since the move I have been without any internet at home! I’ve gotten loads of knitting done but haven’t been able to update about it here all week. In the evenings I’ve been watching dvds and working on my shawl. Progress is excruciatingly slow because of all the cables in this section of the pattern, but it’s still progress.


I’ve also got a new commute that gives me about an hour of bus knitting time every day. The shawl is too complicated to bother with on the bus (plus I’m afraid of the sharp needles with all the bumps in the road), so I started a simple hat. The yarn is some lovely merino/mohair that I got for my birthday ages ago and have been waiting to use. It has a beautiful warm fuzzy halo and I would absolutely love to make a sweater out of it if I had more!

I still have a few more days before the service person is due to come fix my internet at the house. I’m going to try to get as much knitting done as I can before I get distracted by video games and tv again!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Catch-up

  1. Your shawl is looking lovely! I love the colors in that yarn. And yeah I do the same – I have a 25 minute bus ride each day and always have socks or a hat that I can work on and a big and/or complicated project I work on at home.

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    1. After 2 weeks of bus knitting I’m not sure how I ever lived without it. It’s great to have something to do and know I’m going to get at least a few minutes of knitting done every day!

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