Harmonize Shawl progress (21)

It has been a little while since I showed off my shawl. I worked on it a bit over the weekend, while watching TV and recording Aggrochat. Now it is on the last big section of the cable pattern. It's getting almost impossible to get a good photo of the whole thing. I like this... Continue Reading →

Telework Socks #2 progress

This is my first post for #Blapril2020! Even though it isn't April yet, the blogging celebration/challenge starts this week, and I'm excited. As for my socks, I had to work hard to keep myself from working on them over the weekend. They're so easy and addictive. I need to save them for mindless knitting while... Continue Reading →

More Telework Socks

Welp. I said I wasn't going to start more socks so I had more time to work on my shawl, but I lied. I started the third variation of the Super Easy Socks pattern. These socks are too easy and addictive, and it feels so great to burn through multiple skeins of stash yarn. They... Continue Reading →

Telework Socks finished!

These absolutely flew off my needles! I like the way they turned out, although I imagine a solid yarn would show off the lace a bit better. All this social distancing has been very good for my knitting progress. I checked on Ravelry and this is the 10th project I have finished in 2020! Sure,... Continue Reading →

Telework Socks progress (4)

I'm very close to being finished with these already. Just a few more decreases and then the dreaded kitchener stitch. A side benefit of doing socks two-at-a-time is that I only have to re-learn how to kitchener stitch once per pair of socks instead of having to run to YouTube for help for each sock.

Telework Socks progress (2)

I'm starting week 2 of 100% telework. My extrovert friends are not ok, but I am holding up just fine. I've had a couple of work meetings that included discussion and/or showing off of everyone's hobby projects, which has been fun to see. Except when said projects are food related and make me jealous that... Continue Reading →

Telework Socks progress

Spending two straight days in all day webinars has done wonders for my knitting time. If I stay on track these will be by far the fastest socks I've ever made. I'm already completely finished with the heel and on to the gusset. I had been bouncing back and forth between two houses, but since... Continue Reading →

Telework Socks started

It's day 4 of all telework, all the time. At this rate I'm going to burn through a large amount of my stash before I get to actually set foot back at work. I started a second pair of Super Easy Socks to use up another skein of this stash yarn. Since the pattern has... Continue Reading →

Bus Socks finished!

Yesterday was a weird day and I ended up missing a post here, but that doesn't mean I missed my daily knitting! I finished my socks while I was on a conference call. The pattern is Super Easy Socks. I am very pleased that I managed to get the stripes almost perfectly matched. Since yesterday... Continue Reading →

Snood finished!!!

I started this project back in December of 2018. It followed me through two moves and 3 jobs. I was beginning to worry I would never finish it. I grabbed it as a filler bus project one day last week and it motivated me to finally get it done. The silly thing about it being... Continue Reading →

Harmonize Shawl progress (20)

It has been over a month since I took a wrong side photo of this project. I like how the two colors look with the stitches more closely blended on this side. I bet this yarn would look great if you knit with the two colors held together.

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