Telework Socks progress (3) and an early Blaugust

I like the stripey sock yarn because I can see exactly how much progress I made today with a quick glance at my photos. Sadly, less conference calls means less sock progress. I still expect to be finished with them this week.

Something fun and exciting happened today. My good friend Belghast decided to hold the month-long blogging celebration/challenge early this year. Instead of Blaugust, we now have Blapril. While the word sounds silly, the idea is great. While we are all trapped indoors and are stressed about current events, why not encourage blogging? It’s a great excuse to share what we love, tell some stories, and meet some new “internet friends”.

The idea started among video game bloggers, but has spread to lots of other kinds of bloggers, from teachers to crafters. It is a fun community with the goal of encouraging more blogging. I’ll be trying to meet the challenge to write at least 31 posts during the 6 weeks of the event. If you’d like to join me you can read more about Blapril on Belghast’s blog, and sign up with this form. You can also leave a comment here. I’d love to see more of my knitting/crochet friends join in the fun!


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