Another Circular Dishcloth finished!


Well that didn’t last long. Dishcloths are a great quick project, but possibly a bit too quick to be good telework projects. If I kept making them at this rate I’d run out of my cotton yarn and also have nowhere to put them all! I admit I did work on this a bit outside of work hours, mostly so I didn’t get left with the grafting to do during work tomorrow. That part takes concentration!

This yarn (Peaches & Creme Twists, Black with Lime) is completely ridiculous. The photo doesn’t do justice to how bright the pop of green is against the black. It was a fairly small (~2 oz) ball so there’s not enough left to do another identical dishcloth. I may cast on a matching coaster for tomorrow so I can use up the ball and move on to some less headache-inducing colored projects.

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