Ripple Bralette progress (2)

Progress, and more importantly, pooling! I finished the twisted rib and am on main body section now. The colors on this section are lining up very nicely and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s very simple which makes it good TV and teleconference knitting which means it’s been flying along so far.

One of the things keeping me together during these weird times is the combination of making things and then planning out the next thing to make. Since the pandemic started I’ve knit up a storm but I’ve also spent far more time on Ravelry daydreaming about starting new projects. Fortunately for my credit card bill I haven’t bought much yarn during this process. I’ve been staring at various indie dyers’ websites an awful lot lately too. I want to support them but I also want to make sure I’m using up more yarn than I’m bringing in until my stash is at a more manageable size. I’m making lots of notes and bookmarks though, so I can go back and pick up more yummy yarn when I can do it without guilt.


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