Ripple Bralette progress (6)

I did a bunch of frantic measuring and weighing last night and decided on exactly how long I want to make the body. A few rows later and now I’m all set up to move on to the next section of the pattern. It looks like there is a lot left to do but I think that’s because the designer explains each step in a lot of detail. Hopefully I should be able to finish sometime next week.


2 thoughts on “Ripple Bralette progress (6)

  1. Eek it looks fantastic!! Well done! I’m just about to cast it on and one of the mods i read was to do a provisional cast on and do the triangles/top cast off first then you can make the body as long as the yarn will allow. Tried several times last night but kept leaving the tail too short for the provisional cast on and gave up in a huff. Will try again today. Are you enjoying it? I like the look of the pattern and it looks like a really fun knit

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    1. It is a really fun knit! I wish I had seen that mod before I started. I’m working on the straps now and I think I have enough yarn left but it was starting to make me nervous when I started on the second triangle bit.

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