Ripple Bralette finished!

My Ripple Bralette is all done!! It fits great and I love it so much! I really like how it ended up showing off everything this yarn could do. It flashes around the bottom, pools through the whole body, gets very busy and variegated near the top, and then stripes on the shoulder straps.


You can see how little yarn I had left. I added quite a bit of extra length compared to what the pattern called for. I’m glad I did because now it fits in a way I’m comfortable with.


I had to learn a couple new things to finish this project, like knitting i-cord and how to do a 3-needle bind off. It’s the first actual garment I’ve knitted and it makes me more confident about trying to make something bigger like a sweater. This pattern was really well written and fun to make. I would definitely recommend!


5 thoughts on “Ripple Bralette finished!

    1. Thank you! This was such a fun, quick knit and it makes me excited to try making more things I can wear (besides socks)!


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