Hoar Frost Socks progress (5)

Watching other folks post about their rainbow socks is bringing me some joy while mine are on hold. In the meantime I’ve been pushing ahead on these. I was hoping to get the heel turn finished but there was not quite enough time. I’ve mostly done the heel flap and will get the rest before the end of the day. That leaves the whole weekend to try to finish so I can get back to my Pride socks. I kinda hate feeling rushed on these since the pattern is so beautiful, but I need to make more room for rainbows in my life right now!


2 thoughts on “Hoar Frost Socks progress (5)

    1. I debated ordering another pair, but by the time they get here I’d probably be finished with these socks already! Plus my limited needles help keep my WIPs down to a manageable number

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