Hoar Frost Socks progress (6)

As you can see, I did not meet my goal of finishing these over the weekend. I made a ton of progress, but still have a few inches of the foot and toe left to go. I’ve been getting a bit frustrated with them, mostly because I’ve been trying to rush through them so I can get to my Pride socks.

Speaking of my Pride socks, I ripped them out. I noticed last week that there’s a really big difference in the feel of the two yarns I chose. The more I thought about it, the more I knew that it would be a problem when I was wearing them. I ripped everything back last night and caked another yarn that is on the same base as the black rainbow. Hopefully that will feel seamless when it is worked up together.

I think all of this is going to make me set aside the Hoar Frost Socks and give my full attention to the Pride Socks. I’ve already lost a whole week with nothing to show for it for the KAL, and I really want to complete some rainbow socks this month.


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