Pride KAL Socks progress (10)

Work has been very active lately, which means less conference call knitting time. I’ve still been making relatively steady progress, and am about halfway through the leg now.


I’ve also been doing some more gardening experiments. Well, to be honest, I’ve been restarting my gardening experiment. Back before everything went on lockdown, I started a bunch of veggie seeds. Then I ended up having to abandon them for weeks at a time due to my living situation during COVID distancing. Last night I ran over there and cut my losses. Most of the plants were totally dead. One tomato plant had grown taller than I am, but was very weak and spindly due to lack of water and never having been hardened. There was no way to salvage it so I pulled up everything and brought a few of the containers back home. I started a few more seedlings several weeks ago, and I’ll try transferring them to the pots and see what happens. It is a very late start but I bet we will have a long summer, so we should get at least a little harvest. If all else fails I’ll throw some herbs in there instead. I’m just happy to have some veggies to take care of again!


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