Unplugged Day

Today our local internet company was doing some work in our neighborhood which meant I had no internet all day. That in turn meant I had to take the day off of work. I thought I might spend the day relaxing and knitting, but instead I spent it cleaning and rearranging my office space. This... Continue Reading →

Stormy Day Socks progress (4)

I'm discovering that the key for me to make a lot of progress on a plain stockinette stitch project is to have something engrossing on in the background. What was starting to get a little tedious has just flown along today while I have been listening to some really interesting seminars. I'm almost to the... Continue Reading →

Stormy Day Socks progress (3)

With so many active projects, I feel like I'm not ever making a ton of progress on any single one. Still, I'm working on all of them and enjoying all of them. The colors on these socks continue to be mesmerizing. They are my primary TV knitting, and I also like to switch between these... Continue Reading →

One Skein Wonder progress (9)

This shawl is starting to get close to the finished measurements of the pattern. I am happy to keep going since blocking isn't going to change the size much because the yarn is 100% rayon. I'm still in love with the drape of the fabric in this shawl. So far my biggest complaint about this... Continue Reading →

Velvet Cardigan finished!

I can't believe I finished an entire cardigan in under a week! This pattern was incredibly easy to follow and put together. It did give me an excuse to try one technique I've been meaning to get around to for a while: foundation crochet. I didn't use it for the start of the back body... Continue Reading →

Velvet Cardigan progress (2)

It might not be entirely clear from the photo, but the body of this cardigan is already almost done! I spent a bunch of time working on it while watching the spouse play Horizon: Zero Dawn last night. That was a great use of my time. I love the story of that game and seeing... Continue Reading →

Velvet Cardigan progress

It may not be entirely clear from the photo, but I've finished the whole back and have started on one front panel. This cardigan has a much simpler construction than the last one I crocheted. I'm grateful for that since it is making this super speedy. I really like cardigans as an easy extra layer... Continue Reading →

Velvet Cardigan started

There is just nothing like crochet and bulky yarn for when you need to feel like you've made a ton of progress in a hurry. On a whim today I decided that it had been too long since I started a new crochet project. I did a bit of stash diving and decided to try... Continue Reading →

One Skein Wonder progress (8)

I'm about halfway done with this shawl now and it's too big to photograph in my usual spot on my desk. It is still a bit behind where I had hoped to be, mostly because I didn't work on it at all over the weekend. We had a kitchen plumbing emergency that took up one... Continue Reading →

Stormy Day Socks progress (2)

Happy Monday! We're suffering under excessive heat warnings here, so it seems like a good time to stay in the air conditioning and knit! Unfortunately I'm in a (virtual) work training most of the week and don't have as much free time for crafting. At least I have these gorgeous rainbows to brighten my day!

Garden Experiment progress

When last we left the garden experiment, I had just restarted from scratch after losing all my seedlings at the other house. Luckily everything has been growing very well since then and I'm just about ready to get some veggies! The tomatoes are still a bit small but there are a few flowers just starting... Continue Reading →

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