Garden Experiment progress

When last we left the garden experiment, I had just restarted from scratch after losing all my seedlings at the other house. Luckily everything has been growing very well since then and I’m just about ready to get some veggies!

The tomatoes are still a bit small but there are a few flowers just starting to bud on the Cherokee Purple plant that I transplanted last week. The other two plants (another Cherokee and a “Big Red”) were just transplanted this week so they have lots of growing to do. It will probably still be a few weeks before we have tomatoes but they are gaining over an inch per day in height now that they are in containers.

The squash was the first plant that got moved into a large container a few weeks ago and it was very happy about it. You can see in the closer shot that there’s already a few squash that should be ready to pick in a couple days. There are also a lot of flowers and baby squash tucked in there as well. I thought the descriptions of this plant were exaggerating but it really looks like we’ll be getting a squash every day or two for the foreseeable future!

There is also a smaller container with some lettuce that I wasn’t able to photograph. That’s because of this itty-bitty mantis. I found it on the inside of my back door, so I coaxed it onto my watering can so I could get it outside. It held still for my photo shoot but then jumped down onto the deck when I finished. It was invisible against the wood deck and I didn’t want to accidentally step on it, so I skipped walking over to the lettuce. I’m hoping to be able to start picking a few leaves here and there starting next week. The only thing standing in my way is an annoying squirrel that just loves digging into that planter in particular.

That’s the tour of my deck garden for now. I’ll be sure to update again as the first of the harvest starts coming in!


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