Garden Experiment update

It has been a few weeks since I gave a garden update. This photo was taken just before the tropical storm rolled through my area. The plants all got moved to safer locations and seem to be recovering just fine.

The squash plant has been producing really well. We’re at the point where we have to come up with new and inventive squash recipes all the time. My favorite so far was a sort-of rosemary-squash white pizza I made earlier this week. We also have tons of basil so every squash dish has been accompanied by fresh basil as well. I’ll also be ordering some pine nuts so I can make and freeze some pesto soon.

The lettuce is small but we’ve gotten a few nice salads out of it. I’m waiting to see if it will bounce back after the storm. If it doesn’t I’ll harvest everything that’s left and then re-sow so we can get another crop. I am usually very picky about salads (I hate iceberg lettuce), so it is nice to be able to have a big salad with fresh lettuce that earns my approval.

The tomatoes are still being frustratingly slow. There’s maybe a dozen or so green tomatoes of various sizes, but nothing is close to being ripe yet. I know I’ll be swimming in more tomatoes than I know what to do with soon, but right now I feel like those plants are just taunting me.

Container gardening has been incredibly satisfying this summer, and the pandemic has added an interesting dimension to it. I am working from home so I have the time and energy for this extra hobby. I’m enjoying going out on my lunch break every day and checking on my plants. Plus I really appreciate having some fresh produce on hand without having to brave the grocery store!


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