One Skein Wonder progress (11)

This project has become my default TV knitting. It has grown quite huge, over 60″ long and 20″ at its widest. Every time I’m about to start another repeat I find myself asking “should I stop here?”. There’s plenty of yarn left to keep going, but the shawl is certainly big enough. A quick glance at the pattern tells me that I’m very close to the recommended yardage, which is probably why it feels close to being done.

Part of the problem is I have no idea what I would do with the remainder of the yarn. The rayon is so loose and drapey that it seems best suited for a shawl or light garment but there’s not enough left to start something new. So for now I’m pressing forward. As long as it doesn’t become too heavy to wear I think I’ll be happy with it!

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