Vampire Squid “Mermaid Blanket” Finished!!!

Ok folks, this is hands down the most insane thing I have ever created. You’ve heard me talk about my “red blanket of doom”, but I didn’t post many photos of it. The truth is I was keeping it a secret until it was finished because the idea is so ridiculous and I wasn’t sure if I would ever actually get it done. I finally got the last piece stitched on this weekend, and it is ready to share with the world. Meet my one-of-a-kind vampire squid blanket!

Waaaay back in December of 2017 I realized I wanted to crochet a mermaid blanket. But because I’m a weird oceanographer with a love of deep-sea invertebrates I decided that a boring old mermaid tail was not sufficient for my needs. No, I didn’t want to be a mermaid on the sofa, I wanted to be hugged/devoured by Vampyroteuthis infernalis, vampire squid from hell. Real vampire squid are only about a foot long, but this one was going to be big enough to cuddle with and keep me warm all winter.

I made up the entire pattern from scratch and I am unreasonably proud of it. I have no idea if anyone else on this planet would ever want to make one, but I did write up the pattern just in case. I’m so very pleased with how this turned out and so happy I can finally share it with you. Now I just need to wait for colder weather so I can start using it!


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