Late Summer Garden Update

There’s some good and some bad to share. First the good. My tomato plants are thriving and producing tons of adorable baby tomatoes. Even better, the weather has cooled off enough that they are actually starting to ripen on the vine. I’m so eager to finally try them! The plants are now so big that the containers and cages can’t fully support them. We’ve moved everything closer to the deck railing so we can keep them from tipping over in a stiff breeze. They seem perfectly happy with their new homes.

Other good news is that the lettuce is producing well. I’m not sure how much longer it will keep going but for now we’re able to have some delicious salads. I plan to look into planting another crop this weekend so even if this batch is done we can still have lettuce into the fall.

Then there’s the bad news. There’s been an invasion of katydids of some kind and they really like my basil. I managed to pick through enough to make one small batch of pesto, but the rest has been pretty decimated. They’re more hole than leaf. If it all gets eaten by bugs I’ll start a new crop in a small pot so we can keep it in the kitchen for the fall/winter.

The extra bad news is that my poor squash plant is about to croak. I picked this one perfect squash this week, but it may be the last. I think the plant really did not like us moving it to try to save it from the tropical storm a few weeks ago. It has been on a slow decline since then, and now the decline has become a bit more rapid. I will definitely grow squash again next year, housing situation permitting. For now I’m going to miss the cries of “what the hell are we going to do with all this squash?!”


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