September 2020 Goals

August was very hot and very wet around here, not the best weather for yarncraft motivation. I still managed to complete my longest-running WIP and several other projects, so I’m quite proud.

Completed in August:

Current WIPs:

  • Wingspan – knit
  • Fadewalker Fingerless Mitts – knit

August Goals in review:

  • Finish the Red Blanket of Doom. Done! I am so happy my beautiful vampire squid is finished and I got to share it with the world!
  • Finish my One Skein Wonder and Stormy Day Socks. Done! It was down to the wire with the shawl but I got both finished before the end of the month!
  • Try some sewing. Nope. I never made the time to clear off a space to get the machine set up.

September Goals:

  • Start on at least one xmas gift. There’s plenty of time to work on gifts and my own projects too if I start now. No waiting until December this year!
  • Try some sewing. I failed at this in August so I’m trying again in September. This goal is really about organizing the spare room and making some time and space for this new hobby.
  • Crochet something. Now that my Vampire Squid Blanket is done I’m hoping I can get back to crocheting more often.

2020 Big Goals Progress:

  1. Learn to knit brioche. No progress
  2. Make at least one “big” project. Done! If the cardigan last month doesn’t count, the blanket I finished this month definitely does.
  3. Either finish or get rid of any WIPs that carried over from last year. Done! The vampire squid blanket was the last holdover, now all my WIPs are from this year!
  4. Learn a new creative skill. No progress.
  5. End the year with less yarn than I started with. In August I received a bunch of yarn I had purchased earlier in the year. It was a total of about 340g. I finished my Stormy Day socks, Welty socks, and One Skein Wonder shawl and used up 379g. That’s a net stash decrease of 79g.

August was a fantastic month for finishing projects. Now we’re starting to enter the xmas gift making season and I can cast on without the guilt of lots of WIPs hanging over my head. I don’t have good ideas yet about what I’m making everyone this year, but hopefully I’ll find some inspiration this month!


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