Funeral Home Socks finished

I’m not sure I will ever be able to sort out how I feel about these socks. I packed this yarn (Knit Picks Hawthorne Rainbow Speckle and Rainbow Stripe) to take with me when I got the news that my Mom had been rushed to the hospital. I packed it knowing that things might get bad, because I wanted to be able to start something new with yarn that might help cheer me up if I needed it. By the next morning Mom was gone, and I definitely needed any cheer I could find.

It took me three tries to get them cast on because I couldn’t really concentrate on anything that day. But once I got started I was so glad I had them to work on. They gave me something to do, kept me busy, and my Dad was fascinated by watching them grow.

Now they’re done and they will probably sit in a drawer until it is cold enough to actually wear them. I do think I will wear them. That was the other part of the reason for choosing a yarn that I like. I wanted to make something I liked enough to overcome all the emotions that go with them.

Plus we could all use some extra rainbows in our lives.


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